Trump grants sanctions waiver for humanitarian trade to Iran

The United States on Thursday granted a licence to allow for certain humanitarian trade transactions with Iran's sanctioned central bank, a move it said was in step with the formalisation of a Swiss humanitarian trade channel. Aljazeera reported.

The newly created channel, which the US Treasury Department said became fully operational on Thursday as it granted the licence, would allow for companies to send food, medicine and other critical supplies to Iran.

This comes as Iran is grappling with a rapidly increasing number of coronavirus cases which have already killed at least two dozen people.

Islamic Republic of Iran is now the epicenter of the coronavirus in the Middle East with dozens of publicly known cases and multiple deaths.

Seven government officers has been reportedly infected by the China virus which originated in Whuna late last year.

As at early morning of Friday, 28th Februray 2020, COVID-19 has killed more than 2,800 people and infected about 83,000 worldwide.

The relentless efforts to contain the coronavirus to China have failed as the cases are been reported in more that 40 countries and in every continent forcing the stock markets to take a pounding amid fears of a global recession.

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