#SyrianWar: President Putin, members of Russia’s Security Council voiced concern at escalation in Idlib

According to the Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov, Russian President Vladimir Putin and members of Russia’s Security Council have voiced their utmost concern about the recent escalation in Syria’s Idlib. 

Peskov told reporters on Friday after the president’s emergency meeting with permanent members of Russia’s Security Council where a detailed conversation about the situation around Syria’s Idlib was discussed

President Putin and  the Security Council voiced their extreme concern over the flare-up in that Syrian region, which was triggered by terrorist groups who stepped up offensives against the Syrian army," Peskov told reporters.

Russia’s Security Council noted that Russia did everything possible for the security of Turkish forces at observation posts during the Syrian government troops’ offensive against terrorist formations in Idlib.

"None of these Turkish servicemen either suffered or came under threat at these posts. The tragic deaths of Turkish troops occurred at the places of offensive operations by terrorist formations, among which, incidentally, there are numerous foreign mercenaries, including citizens of the former Soviet Union," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

"The Turkish side did not report about the presence of Turkish forces there, despite our inquiries," Peskov pointed out.

Putin and members of the Russia’s Security Council expect that Ankara will do everything possible to ensure security of Russian missions and citizens in Turkey.

"The participants in the meeting were hopeful that the Turkish authorities will do their best to ensure security of Russian missions and Russian nationals in Turkey," Peskov said.

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