Russia says reports of Syrians fleeing en mass for Turkey are false

Air strikes by regime and Russian in northwest Syria 
Russia’s Defense Ministry on Friday said reports that hundreds of thousands of Syrians were fleeing Idlib in the direction of Turkey were false, after a UN report said that the Russian-backed Syrian regime offensive displaced 900,000 people since December. Reuters reported.

The defense ministry also urged Ankara to allow Idlib residents to enter other parts of Syria.

The ministry issued its comments in a statement, saying it had been using drones and other resources to monitor the situation in Idlib.

Russia Warns Turkey Against Attacking Syrian Forces
It also said that Turkey had brought large amounts of military hardware and ammunition into Idlib in recent weeks.

The Russian offensive that began in late 2019 has enabled the Assad's Syrian Arab Army (SAA) troops advance unfiltered into the rebels' strong hold of Idlib's province of Aleppo.

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