Rockets hit near US embassy in #Iraq - reports

Various reports emerged early on Sunday, claiming that the so-called Green Zone - a central area in the Iraqi capital city of Baghdad where the US Embassy is located - was hit by shelling. The attack occurred hours after a senior US official announced the resumption of joint operations between the US-led coalition and Iraqi security forces.

There have been no official statements issued regarding the incident. Netizens have, however, shared alleged footage showing the aftermath of the attack.

A smoke column is seen in Zayouna area, #Baghdad. No explosions reported in the periphery of the US embassy in Baghdad according to residents there.

AFP citing US military source said rockets hit near US embassy in Iraq capital.

Reuters reported a missile attack on a military base hosting international coalition forces in Baghdad, Iraqi capital

Smoke rising from HQ of the PMF east of Baghdad. Comes after rockets were fired at US Embassy in Baghdad.

Media reports further confirmed that warning sirens were heard in Baghdad moments before the attack.

It reportedly remains unclear how many shells landed in the Green Zone and whether they have inflicted any damage.

 Eyewitnesses claim several strong explosions were heard in the central part of the city.

أصوات الصواريخ التي هزت العاصمة العراقية #بغداد حوالي ٣:٢٥ فجر الاحد.

The sounds of rockets that rocked the Iraqi capital #بغداد About 3:25 a.m. on Sunday.

Locations of the latest wave of rockets in Baghdad according to early reports: Near US embassy, near a base that hosts U.S. led coalition forces, near a PMF base close to Ministry of Interior building.

​Since US President Donald Trump ordered that assassination of the Iranian top general Qasem Soleimani early January, the US embassy and military installations in Iraq have severally been targeted by rocket fire.

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