Palestinian Authority blames escalation on Trump peace plan; Hamas praises ‘revolution’

Netanyahu cancels planned press statement due to attacks

Mahmoud Abbas 
The office of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas blames the latest escalation in tensions on US President Donald Trump’s Middle East peace plan unveiled last month.

The so-called “deal of the century” has “created this atmosphere of escalation and tension by trying to impose fake facts on the ground, which we have repeatedly warned against,” says Nabil abu Rudeineh, Abbas’s spokesperson, in a statement posted on the PA official site Wafa.

The Hamas terror group praises the latest attacks on Israelis, saying in a statement that “the revolutions raging in the West Bank cities and in Jerusalem are the implementation of the Palestinian people’s decision to expel the occupation from the West Bank and free it of settlers.”

 Benjamin Netanyahu
In the latest of the escalations, Israeli Defense Forces confirmed a report of continue shooting attack at the UPS junction in the Ephraim Area Brigade where a terrorist fired at IDF fighters who were in the area. 
IDF says a gunman opened fire at a group of soldiers who were stationed near the Parsa Junction outside the Dolev settlement, northwest of Ramallah. The troops opened fire at the suspect and launched a manhunt to find him.

An IDF fighter was lightly wounded and turned to receiving medical treatment at a hospital.

בהמשך לדיווח על פיגוע ירי בצומת הפרסה שבמרחב החטיבה המרחבית "אפרים״, מחבל ירה לעבר לוחמי צה"ל ששהו במרחב. לוחם צה"ל נפצע מהירי באורח קל ופונה לקבלת טיפול רפואי בבית חולים. לוחמי צה"ל הגיבו בירי לעבר המחבל ופתחו במרדף אחריו. מפקד החטיבה המרחבית "אפרים", אל״ם יפתח נורקין במרדף:

“A terrorist shot at IDF troops were in the area. An IDF soldier was lightly injured from the gunfire and was taken to the hospital for treatment,” the military says.

“IDF soldiers responded with gunfire at the terrorist and began searching for him.” Commander of the Ephraim Regional Brigade, Colonel Yiftach Norkin in pursuit.

Netanyahu cancels planned press statement due to attacks

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cancels a planned statement he planned to make at 4 p.m. on his Facebook page, in light of the security situation and the three attacks against Israelis today.

Instead, Netanyahu will hold security assessments in the field with security officials, Hebrew-language media reports.

Arson balloon starts fire outside Israeli community near Gaza

A balloon attached to a flaming device lands in a field near the Gaza-adjacent community of Netiv Haasara in the Hof Ashkelon region, the regional council says in a statement.

The incendiary object, likely launched from Gaza by Palestinian terrorists, started a fire in the area.

Security staff are at the scene and “dealing with the incident,” the statement says.

Video shows shooting attack in Jerusalem Old City

Police publish a video showing today’s shooting attack in Jerusalem’s Old City.

The Arab Israeli gunman can be seen shooting at Israeli troops at close range, lightly injuring one of them, before being pursued and shot dead.

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