Islamic State claims responsibility for London stabbing attack

 Boris Johnson says will change handling of release of convicted terrorists

The Islamic State’s propaganda arm is claiming responsibility for yesterday’s terror incident in London, in which Sudesh Amman stabbed and injured two people.

It says Amman, 20, was one of its fighters.

“The attacker in the Streatham area in south London yesterday is an IS fighter, and he carried out the attack in response to a call to target nationals” of countries belonging to the global anti-IS coalition, the terror group said in a statement released through the Telegram messaging application.

Amman, who was wearing a fake suicide vest, was shot on a busy road in south London on Sunday after what police said was an “Islamist-related” incident.

Amman was recently given early release from prison after serving part of his sentence for terror offenses.

He had been jailed for three years and four months in December 2018 for 13 offenses. He had been arrested in London in May 2018 on suspicion of planning a terrorist attack.

Boris Johnson says will change handling of release of convicted terrorists

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson says plans will be announced later today to change the system on handling the release of convicted terrorists, after a terror convict released early stabbed two people in London yesterday.

He had previously promised such changes following the London Bridge attack in November, which was also carried out by a convicted terrorist who was freed early.

“What was he doing out on automatic early release and why was there no system of scrutiny, no parole system to check whether he was really a suitable candidate?” he tells reporters.

“Looking at the problems we have with re-educating and reclaiming and rehabilitating people who succumb to Islamism, it’s very, very hard and very tough — and it can happen that the instances of success are really very few.

“My anxiety is that we do not want to get back to a system where you have a lot of very, very, laborious surveillance by our hard-pushed security services…. when a custodial version might be better.”


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