COVID-19: Ursula says public health is the number one priority, international community must work together

EU: Any travel restrictions should be proportionate, coordinated

EU Chief  Ursula von der Leyen n Monday said public health is the number one priority as the of coronavirus continue to rise.

Ursula said the international community must work together to contain the deadly virus.

#Coronavirus As cases continue to rise, public health is the number one priority. Whether it be boosting preparedness in Europe, in China or elsewhere, the international community must work together. Europe is here to play a leading role. #COVID19italia

The situation is becoming more worrisome as the SARS-like virus is spreading to more countries.

31 one countries including America, Italy, Japan, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, Afghanistan have confirmed cases of the new virus.

More than 3,000 medical staff in China have been infected by the new coronavirus that emerged in the country late last year, an official at China's National Health Commission has said.

European Union health commissioner Stella Kyriakides has said possible travel restrictions in the Schengen border-free area should be proportionate and coordinated among EU states, as the bloc faces a coronavirus outbreak in Italy.

"For the moment WHO has not advised imposing restrictions on either travel or trade," Kyriakides told reporters on Monday, adding that a mission of the World Health Organization will go to Italy on Tuesday to assess the situation

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