Coronavirus: Nigerians Trapped In Wuhan, China Cry Out "Bring Us Home"

As Chinese authorities battle to contain the ravaging novel Coronavirus that started late last year in Wuhan, the epicenter of the merciless killer virus'

Over 1,700 persons have died from the disease and tens of thousands infected already.

The mysterious virus has also spread to more that two dozens other countries.

Nigerians trapped in the country have cried out for help as many other countries across the globe have evacuated their citizens from the virus ravage country.

Over 60 Nigerians are trapped in Wuhan the epicentre of the of the outbreak.

Nigerians in Wuhan, China in desperate need for help have carried placards bearing words like ‘Bring Us Home, Nigerians Trapped In Wuhan China’ in a bid to attract the attention of the federal government.

They also shared photos on social media to press home their demands for immediate evacuation.

Considering all scenarios about Nigeria, do you agree that they be evacuated or Nigerian government should just find means of taking care of them in China, maybe by sending health personnel and medicals to them in Wuhan, What are your own suggestions?

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