China allows healthy non-residents of Wuhan to leave virus epicentre: official

China says new coronavirus deaths increase with 150

China considers 'complete ban' on wildlife trade

China has slightly relaxed the quarantine in Wuhan, allowing some people to leave the epicentre of the epidemic under certain conditions. 

The city of 11 million has been under lockdown since January 23 .

Authorities announced that it will allow healthy non-residents of Wuhan to leave the epicentre of the virus.

Meanwhile China recorded 150 new confirmed coronavirus deaths on Sunday, the National Health Commission said on Monday, up from 97 the previous day.

In a statement, the commission also confirmed 409 new infections during the same period, down from 648 reported a day earlier.

The total number of confirmed coronavirus cases on the mainland is now 77,150, and 2,592 have died from the outbreak, the commission said.

China's top legislative committee has begun deliberating a proposal to ban all trade and consumption of wild animals, a practice believed responsible for the country's deadly coronavirus outbreak.

The official Xinhua news agency said the proposal was submitted to the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC), which is currently set to start its session next month, but is expected to postpone.

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