Boko Haram Attacks: Calls for a state of Emergency in Borno state, a "useless" Demand

The entire North Eastern region has been under a perpetual state of emergency since 2015 when Major Gen Muhammadu Buhari (Rtd) moved the  commanding headquarters of the Nigerian Army to Borno state.

The Centre for Africa Liberation and Socio-Economic Rights calling for total declaration of a State of Emergency in Borno State in order for the relevant authorities to get to the root cause of the renewed terrorist activities can only bee seen as political.

Although, I have not get the full statement by the group but as it is trending on Twitter Nigeria, it demands reactions that this kind of demand/call can not be qualified by any other words than "USELESS."

Assuming that the entire region is not in a state of emergency already, but already there you have the coalition forces of the Lake Chad countries and Benin called Multinational Joint Military Task force fighting the so called Boko Hram Jihadists.

The politically motivated group called for the governor of Borno State to step down to allow for full presidential powers to restore peace and security in the state and to also allow the deprived and exploited people of Borno State some relief.

Has the Buhari's power to fight insurgency been obstructed by any in this country or he just lack the will, the determination and tactics other than rhetorics to fight the determined terror group who vowed to bring Nigeria to its knees.

So apparently it was Borno state governor that ill-advised or ordered the clueless Buhari to released his so called repentant Boko Haram Terrorists back into the Smabisa forest for fresh assaults against the Nigerian state and innocent citizens.
All should be wondered why Borno is overly targeted for renewed insurgent attacks despite the concentration of troops in almost all the communities in the state. Then the Security Chiefs and Buhari administration needed purging.

The people of Borno state and many across the country are tired of Buahri's endless rhetorical statement to fight corruption and insurgency in the face of economic woes that has crippled the country under his watch. When will his promises become realities to the people who have been groaning under terrorism since 2009, the main reason he was voted for in 2015.

With all these killings and bombings in the Borno and other states by Boko Haram, Banditry, Herdsmen and Kidnapping atrocities,  I think it is time the federal government not to think of declaring a state of emergency any where but should urgently dissolve the service chiefs who have turned the war against insurgents to money making venture, reorganize the army and the Asorock itself including resignation of the Major Gen Buhari himself, though not with the current sets of NASS members.

Nigeria state need revolution that will put the current sets of leaders in the country into a permanent retirement. 

For the country to move forward, a generational change in leadership is inevitable. The current chain of leadership that have started in 1966 reached its senate with the June 12 election which was adjudged the best, freest, and fairest in the history of the democratic election in Nigeria but was annulled. Declining sets in.

All remedies that has been offered to keep their chains in power only exposed their declining and the need for a change in term of generational leadership either by democratic means or by forceful takeover which was their vehicle that transported them to power in 1966 coup and counter coups that followed.

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