World powers urge permanent ceasefire in Libya - UN Chief

Still no "serious dialogue" between warring Libyan leaders, says Russian FM Lavrov

Macron urges end to deployment of pro-Turkish Syrian fighters to Libya

Berlin (AFP) – World powers pledged Sunday to “refrain from interference” in Libya’s war, vowing to uphold a weapons embargo during a summit in Berlin.

“All participants committed to refrain from interferences in the armed conflict or internal affairs in Libya,” UN chief Antonio Guterres said, while Chancellor Angela Merkel added that there was also “agreement that we want to respect a weapons embargo that will be strongly controlled.”

A high-stakes Berlin peace summit failed to launch "a serious" dialogue between Libya's warring leaders, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Sunday, after Commander of Libyan National Army Khalifa Haftar and his rival Fayez al-Sarraj both travelled to Germany but did not meet face to face.

"It is clear that we have not yet succeeded in launching a serious and stable dialogue between them," Lavrov told reporters after the Berlin conference. Nevertheless, the Libyan parties had taken "a small step" forward, he added.

France's President Emmanuel Macron hits out against foreign troop deployments in war-ravaged Libya, saying such intervention serves only to fuel the conflict and create new risks for everyone.

Speaking in Berlin at a summit intended to resolve the bloody stalemate in the North African oil rich nation, the French leader expressed his "acute concerns over the arrival of Syrian and foreign fighters in the city of Tripoli". He says such intervention must end.

The Turkish authorities in Ankara have been accused of sending hundreds of Syrian fighters into Tripoli to back up Fayez al-Sarraj's UN-recognised government, while Moscow has allegedly deployed mercenaries to lend support to rival strongman Khalifa Haftar.

As the conference opened, the French leader called on the United Nations to negotiate a true and lasting ceasefire, without demanding any initial conditions from the various factions involved in the conflict.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the aim of the Berlin conference was to "stop this jockeying for position".

"The people of Libya have suffered enough," he said as he arrived on Sunday. "It's time for the country to move forward."

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