Syrian War: Death toll from the terrorists shelling in #Aleppo rises to four

Children critically injured by the terrorists rockets

Damascus opens 3 Humanitarian corridors fir civilians to escape from rebel controlled zones

The terrorists outside Aleppo shell the civilians NBHDs.four civilians killed and others injured including children. 

A University student simply named Marwan, was killed in Aleppo by the terrorists rocket attack.

#Syria: Death toll from the terrorists shelling in #Aleppo today rises to four martyrs.

The terrorists fired more than 40 rockets at the residential NBHDs in #Aleppo. Five people are injured including children  by the terrorists rocket attack against residential NBHDs.

#SYRIA: The terrorists outside #Aleppo shell the civilians NBHDs. Two civilians martyred and others injured including children. This is why terrorism must be wiped out.

Ahead of the military offensives against the rebels, the Syrian army drops leaflets in the countryside of Aleppo and Idlib provinces calling on the civilians to leave the terrorist-held areas and to head for their safety, towards the humanitarian corridors opened by the Syrian government.

Syria regime opened three humanitarian corridors for the civilians to get out of terrorist controlled #Idlib.

Also several people reportedly injured in the countryside of #Afrin by the shelling of #Turkish occupation forces.

#Syria: Several people injured in the countryside of #Afrin by the shelling of #Turkish occupation forces.

Syrian regime is already in control of more that 70% of the territories of county.

Russian President Vladimir Putin who paid an unscheduled visit to his Syrian counterpart Bashar al-Assad in Damascus, the Syrian capital last week said with confidence that a huge distance has been travelled towards restoring Syrian statehood and the country's territorial integrity."

Their was an immediate balance of power in favour of Damascus regime when Russian military intervene in Syrian civil war on Assad invitation.


Russian Putin In Syria, Says Huge Distance Travelled Towards Restoring Syrian Statehood, Territorial Integrity

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