Palestinian Authority reiterates rejection of US peace initiative

As the White House confirmed in a statement on Thursday that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will visit the White House on Tuesday of coming week,  and a source familiar with the situation said US officials would most likely share some details of US President Donald Trump’s long-secret Middle East proposal.

Palestinian authority has reiterates rejection of US peace initiative has it will surely be pro-Israel in its entirety.

The White House said Netanyahu’s election rival Benny Gantz had also accepted US President Donald Trump’s invitation for a Washington visit but gave no specific date. 

The source said Gantz too would most likely hear some of the plan’s details.

US President Donald Trump has been an unfailing pillar of support for the Tel Aviv government claims to Golan High, West Bank and movement of Israel's capital to Jerusalem.

Palestinians are confident that any peace plan by Washington will absolutely be in favour of Israel, therefor rejects such initiatives.

Vice President Mike Pence delivered the Washington message of invitation to both Israeli Pm and opposition Gantz. Pence Joined the rest of the World leaders in Israel to mark the 75th remembering conference of the Holocaust in Jerusalem.

The Palestinian Authority has been boycotting the US administration and its representatives since December 2017, when Trump announced his decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

With the merger of the United States’ Consulate General in Jerusalem, Palestinians warned that Washington had ended its role in the Middle East peace process then. The move has been cast as downgrade of ties between the two governments, because the Consulate General had served as de-facto US embassy to the Palestinian Authority.

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