EU institutions begin removing UK flags: AFP

Brussels, Jan 31 (AFP) European officials removed the British flag outside the European Parliament buildings in Brussels and Strasbourg on Friday and took it down from the European Council.

The flags were removed from the main institutions of the bloc four hours ahead of Britain''s midnight departure, symbolising its withdrawal from the European Union.

The blue and gold EU flag was raised in place of the British one, alongside those of the 27 remaining member states, 47 years after the UK first joined the union.

Speaking at a news briefing on Monday, a Parliament spokesperson had said, “The flags will be removed from the three places of work and not displayed as from 1 February.

Adding that there would be no ceremony to accompany the lowering of the flags, but it will be done with all the dignity associated with lowering a flag.”

She said one of the three flags will be put in the House of European History with the other two flags going to the “protocol services.”

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