'Bitter' plane tragedy should not overshadow Soleimani's 'sacrifice': Iran Supreme Leader Khamenei

US Trump says Iran's leaders must put aside the terrorists and magnify Iran again

Khamenei says intensifying sanctions cant win back Dignity for America 

UK, French & German govts are the footmen of the US - Supreme Leader

....But, bombing #alAssadbase was greater than these since it defied the prestige and awe of the US govt. They said they’ll intensify sanctions. This can't win back their dignity."
The past two weeks were eventful and exceptional weeks. There were bitter and sweet events for the Iranian nation to take lessons from during these two weeks. Iran's Supreme Leader Khamenei during a Friday prayers in Tehran.

Supreme Leader of the Iranian people said the bitter Ukrainian plane tragedy should not overshadow the sacrifices of the IRGC Commander, Gene. Qaseem Soleimani, assassination in Baghdad by United states. Iran retaliated with missile strikes against the US bases in Iraq which Khamenei attributed to "Allah's Day."

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Talking about Allah's Day, He said, What does “Allah’s Days” mean? It’s the day when one sees God's power in events. The day when 10s of millions in Iran & 100s of thousands in Iraq & other countries took to the streets to venerate Martyr Soleimani creating the world’s largest funeral. This is one of Allah’s Days.

The day when IRGC's missiles demolished the US military bases in Iraq is also one of Allah's days. A nation having the spirit to slap a global, harassing, Arrogant Power in this way shows God's power and is one of Allah’s Days.

After 41 years since the #IslamicRevolution's victory, which power brought this unparalleled, massive crowd to the funeral of Martyr #Soleimani? Who created these love and enthusiasm? What factor could bring such a miracle other than God's power?

The shameless US government was disgraced by calling Martyr Soleimani a terrorist when he was recognized by everyone as the most prominent & powerful commander in the fight against terrorism.

Which other commander could do the great things he did? He asked.

Ayatollah, speaking to the very huge Iranian crowds  said: "The Zionist news empire tried to say the honorable General is a terrorist! The US’s President & Secretary of State repeated this. God did the opposite of what they wanted. Not only in Iran, but in various countries, people saluted this Martyr & burnt the Zionist & US flags.

@khamenei_ir said "The US govt killed Martyr Soleimani, not in the battlefield but thievishly & cowardly. This abased the US. Before that, such assassinations were the Zionist regime's specialty. Now, US president says he assassinated Soleimani. God smacks some people to make them confess."

"The IRGC's powerful response in attacking a US military base was a blow to the US govt. It was an effective military strike. More important and greater than a military strike, it was a blow to the dignity and awe of the US as a superpower." Khamenei noted

"For years, the US has been receiving blows from the #Resistance in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon & Afghanistan. But, bombing #alAssadbase was greater than these since it defied the prestige and awe of the US govt. They said they’ll intensify sanctions. This can't win back their dignity."

"The Quds Force is an entity with lofty, human goals. The Quds Force looks everywhere & at everyone with tolerance. They are combatants without borders who go wherever they are needed to protect the dignity of the oppressed. They make sacrifices to protect sanctities."

"The combatants in the #QudsForce sacrifice their lives to assist the oppressed in the region. They help them to confront terrorism and Arrogance and push away the shadow of war, terror, and destruction from Iran and other countries."

Khamenei reiterated that with the Iranian turnout in their 10s of millions for Martyr #Soleimani's funeral, the Iranian nation showed they support #resistance against the enemy’s aggression. "These American clowns lie in utter viciousness that they stand with the Iranian people. See who the people of #Iran are."

Are the few hundred people who disrespected posters of Iran's honorable Martyr General Soleimani “the people of Iran"? Or, are the millions who attended his funeral the Iranian people?

"The villainous US govt repeatedly says that they are standing by the Iranian people. They lie. If you are standing by the Iranian people, it is only to stab them in the heart with your venomous daggers. Of course, you have so far failed to do so, & you will certainly continue to fail."

"The threat of the French & German govts & the vicious British govt to send Iran's case to the Security Council proved once again that they are the footmen of the US. These 3 countries are the ones who helped Saddam as much as they could in his war against us."

The tensions, threats and escalations of war in the middle east started with President Donald Trump withdrawal of  United States from the JCPOA nuclear deal with Iran and re-imposition of severe economic sanctions against Iran, which have crippled the Iranian economy.

Ayatollah said: "The German govt provided Saddam with chemical weapons to target our cities and frontlines, and its effects are still with us. The French govt provided Saddam with Super Étendards to attack our oil ships. The British govt served Saddam in every way too. This is how they are."

"Even when these govts negotiate, their negotiations are mixed with deception. The same people who appear at the negotiating table - the same so called “gentlemen” behind the table - are the same terrorists of the Baghdad airport. They just change clothes." Iranian Leader concluded.

US President Donald Trump in a response via Twitter said the noble people of Iran, who love America, deserve a government that will help them achieve their dreams, rather than focusing on killing them for revenge. Instead of dragging Iran to ruin, Iran's leaders must put aside the terrorists and magnify Iran again!

مردم نجیب ایران، که آمریکا را دوست می دارند، سزاوار دولتی هستند که بیش از تمرکز بر کشتن آنها به جرم احترام خواهی، به آنها کمک کند تا به رؤیاهایشان دست یابند. رهبران ایران به جای آن که ایران را به سمت ویرانی بکشانند، باید هراس افکنی را کنار بنهند و ایران را دوباره باعظمت کنند!

@realDonaldTrump said  the so-called “Supreme Leader” of Iran, who has not been so Supreme lately, had some nasty things to say about the United States and Europe. Their economy is crashing, and their people are suffering. He should be very careful with his words!

The latest in the series of escalations and threats of war was the US assassination of the top Iranian General Qaseem Soleimani in Baghdad leading to retaliation of missile strikes against the US bases in Iraqi and accidental downing of Ukrainian commercial plane near Tehran.

Russian and Turkey are calling for de-escalations and are ready to mediate between Washington and Tehran.

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