Africa: At least 41 killed by heavy rain in Angola, more than 300 homes destroyed by flooding

According to CTGN's reports, torrential rain in Angola has killed 41 people and caused widespread destruction, the government said on Thursday.

Twelve out of 18 provinces were hit by a violent downpour which began in the early hours of Monday and lasted late into the afternoon, Interior Minister Eugenio Laborinho said in a statement.

Forty-one people died and more than 300 homes were destroyed by flooding, he said.

“In recent days we have been witnessing heavy rainfall, causing flooding, destruction of infrastructure and plantations,” he said.

More than 2 000 families had been affected, said Laborinho, warning that drinking water and electricity supplies had been cut off in some areas.

The rain comes on the heels of a severe regional drought caused by years of erratic rainfall and record-high temperatures.

According to Garda world, Recovery efforts are ongoing across the country. Further rain is expected across most parts of the country through at least Friday, January 10. Additional flooding is possible in the coming days and weeks. Associated transportation, business, and power disruptions are anticipated in the affected areas.

The worst hit areas in the province include Talatona, Viana, and Cazenga municipalities. Officials said that drinking water and electricity has been cut off in some areas impacted by the flooding.

Individuals present in affected areas are advised to keep abreast of the situation, avoid areas directly hit by flooding, and adhere to any orders issued by the local authorities or their home governments.

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