Iranian FM: Economic Terrorism kills, Accuses US of designed plans to starve, kill innocent citizens

Since the United States unilaterally withdraw from the Iranian Nuclear pact with the rest of the world power and Germany and resumes the regime of economic sanctions against Tehran aimed at bringing Iranian authorities back to the negotiating table, Iranians are feeling the heats as the Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said economic terrorism kills.

Other signatory to the deal, China, Russia, UK, France and Germany that pledged to evolve a mechanism that will boycott the US trade sanctions have not been able to do so.

Zarif blast the the E3/EU to desist from arrogant threats and INSTEXhollow paper promises.

Javad Zarif @JZarif wrote: @SecPompeo once again admits that US #EconomicTerrorism on Iran is designed to starve, and in the case of medical supplies, kill our innocent citizens.

Instead of arrogant threats or hollow paper promises, E3/EU—and future INSTEX shareholder Sweden—should start with something very simple; a minimal human duty: Ask @molnlyckehc to SELL products enabling Iranian kids with EB to cover their wounds.

#EconomicTerrorism kills.

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