IDF expert delegation took off to the earthquake zone in Albania

Israeli Army announced that the it has dispatched an IDF humanitarian aid delegation to Albania following the devastating earthquake that took 50+ lives and left thousands injured.

This was based on the decision of the political leadership and the assistance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, that IDF should send a delegation of experts of the IDF in the earthquake area in Albania.

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We just dispatched an IDF humanitarian aid delegation to Albania following the devastating earthquake that took 50+ lives and left thousands injured. #IDFinAlbania

According to the IDF source the delegation of eighteen specialists and reservists Home Front Command will deal with assessing the damage, providing engineering assistance for scenes of destruction and the organization and management of the response to the disaster area.

The delegation, will be commander The National Rescue and Rescue Unit, a Colonel at Mill Golan Vach, after assessing status and discourse with local officials, found that assessing the damage and engineering assistance are the key needs to deal with the disaster.

The expert delegation will conduct an in-depth examination of the area and buildings in the area to determine which buildings are safe to use, and will also advise decision makers in the country on the steps needed to manage the disaster.

The delegation is equipped with technological equipment and control systems developed in Israel and waterproof tents, which were purchased by the Foreign Ministry for the Albanian government and will serve as a shelter for the population that has been evacuated from its homes.

The IDF will continue to assist, in the name of the State of Israel, in whatever disaster it requires and contribute to its experience and capabilities worldwide.

The 6.4 magnitude earthquake on Tuesday killed 51 people and injured hundreds of others in the small Balkan state. 

Thousands more were left homeless.

Earlier Sunday, Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama called on the international community to send financial aid and expert assistance to help the country recover.

"Simply, this is humanly impossible to do this alone,'' Rama said at cabinet meeting.

Albania ended a multiday search-and-rescue operation on Saturday and has started the cleanup process. An estimated 2,000 buildings were damaged.

The three districts hit hardest by the quake — Tirana, Durres and Lezha — remain in a state of emergency. It is unclear when schools will reopen.

On Sunday morning, the mayor of Durres resigned after saying she was "pleased" that only around 51 people had died in the quake. In remarks made on Saturday, Mayor Valbona Sako blamed code violations, poor construction and corruption for the bulk of the deaths. Her remarks sparked outcry, with people accusing her of insensitivity,

Tuesday's earthquake, which struck off Albania's Adriatic coast, was the deadliest to hit the country in decades.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has promised to help with recovery efforts. "Germany and the European Union will support you at this difficult time," Merkel said in a condolence message to Rama on Sunday.

Civil engineers from European Union member states and from the United States have already teamed up with local experts to assess the damage caused by the quake as the IDF experts now joined with the hands of supports and assistance.

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