US House Judiciary Committee to launch Trump impeachment hearings December 4

White House Invited to Participate in Impeachment Hearing Next Week

The U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee will hold its first hearing in the impeachment of President Donald Trump on Dec. 4, with legal experts as witnesses, a Democratic aide said.

According to Reuters, the aide declined comment on whether the Judiciary Committee expected it would have a report on the Intelligence Committee-led investigation into the Trump administration's dealings with Ukraine before the hearing.

Also, the House Judiciary has invited the White House to question witnesses in its first impeachment hearing next week, featuring constitutional scholars testifying on what is impeachable conduct.

President Trump’s legal team to participate in its first public impeachment hearing next week, when lawmakers plan to convene a panel of constitutional scholars to inform the panel’s debate over whether the president’s actions amount to “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

The Judiciary Committee scheduled the hearing, “The Impeachment Inquiry into President Donald J. Trump: Constitutional Grounds for Presidential Impeachment,” for Dec. 4. Democratic officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity ahead of a formal announcement, did not say who the panel will invite as witnesses, but they said it would feature legal experts who could speak about constitutional precedent and the history of impeachment.

Representative Jerrold Nadler, Democrat of New York and the Judiciary Committee chairman, wrote a letter to the White House on Tuesday notifying him of the hearing and offering his lawyers a chance to question the witnesses.

The initial hearing will likely take place around the same time that the committee receives a written report from the House Intelligence Committee summarizing the findings of its two-month investigation into a pressure campaign on Ukraine by Mr. Trump. The committee is expected to use that report and other, earlier evidence of possible misconduct by the president to draft articles of impeachment in the coming weeks.

The Judiciary Committee convened a similar panel of expert witnesses in 1998 when it began debate over whether to impeach President Bill Clinton.

In a letter addressed to the President of the United State Donald Trump by the Judiciary Committee of the House, said the house of representatives has approved certaiain previleges for the  president to partispate in the committee hearing.

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