Syria: ISIS controls the city of Al-Basira at night For the second day in a row

According to a bridge reporter in the northern countryside of Deir Ezzor, gunmen on motorcycles entered into the city of Al-Basira, north of Deir Ezzor, at night, amid indiscriminate gunfire in the air, to take control of the city's main street, Al-Eshreen Street, and Abyad Street in Al-Kassar neighborhood.

It was garthered that a limited confrontation took place between the police forces of the Qassad in the city `` Asayish '', in which two members of the Asayish were injured, after which all SDF forces withdrew and holed up in their headquarters, while the masked began to intercept bystanders and check their identities, and check them according to schedules in their possession.

The gunmen also deployed in the same way in the neighboring village of Ibriha, without reports of clashes.

Our correspondent pointed out that this phenomenon was repeated for the second consecutive day in the town, and although the maskers did not reveal their affiliation, but the population widely believe that they are affiliated to ISIS, but the purpose is to announce the existence of the organization only, as no operations were accompanied by any looting Or loot to market shops or other property.

Reporter monitored the overflights of the warplanes over the area, without carrying out any raids, while the gunmen withdrew from the city of Al-Basira late at night, to an unknown destination.

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