Sowore in the middle
That single man that has made thousands of Nigerian youths politically efficacious is Omoyele Stephen Puluma Sowore. He did this in less than 48months with his outlandish ideologies that proved that nothing is utopian about the creation of an ideal state from the dying Nigeria.

Sowore doesn't have the kind of money you can find with regular Nigerian politician. If Sowore gave you kobo during last election, feel free to challenge me.

In this day, Nigerian governors commission boreholes with NTA officials for coverage. Sowore has been giving out scholarship since 2005, amidst many humanitarian services without mentioning it at any point during political outings. If he did, please remind me with proof.

Sowore is too civil and refined to contract hoodlums to work with him like a regular Nigerian politician. If am wrong, you may remind me of any crisis triggered by Sowore during last election.

Sowore didn't bring in raffles to arm himself. He doesn't see the need as he's not a regular Nigerian politician. I could be wrong, please bring up his past.

Sowore came into politics with only his ideologies, enough for minds ready to learn, unlearn and relearn to put on thinking cap.

They can hate him because their allies are the ones Sowore is inspiring us (the hoi polloi) to detest on grounds that have reduced Nigerian state to a global joke. Friends and families of serving Governors, Senators, Honourables, Chairmen, Ministers, Commissioners will never wish Sowore well. They're eating from the loot; expect them to observe table manner, "you don't talk while eating." They're the ones you see defending failures with all pattern of illogical arguments, they're quick to blame the governed whenever their leaders fail. Don't take them serious, many of them can't even see beyond their shadows. What I know certainly is that, history is so accommodating, it has a place for everyone of us, good or bad.

Gullible oppressed, with no strings with the ruling elite, what exactly is your excuse for hating Sowore?

Sowore has no single criminal record in Nigeria (apart from the current trumped up charges against him by failed leaders) and in the United States where he lived for about 20years. DSS has kept him for nearly 70days now, no single proof for all allegations levied against this man yet. No Nigerian politician can be this clean, not even your Ward Councillor.
Omoyele has a brilliant record of fighting undemocratic rulers, since 1993. May be this is a crime in our clime.

Sowore is my hero!


Seyi Oyetunbi

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