Nigeria at 59: Why the country is hellish under Buhari

The "scale of prefrence" of Buhari administration and that of his economic think-thank that prop-up rice production at the expences of our known historically areas of strenghts is the sole major reason Nigeria has been hellish under these out of date elites that have kept the country firmed under their slavery grips.

In no time in our history of existence has this country acheive any noticable fits in RICE production compared to groundnut, beans, maize, cassava, cocoa and palm products.
There is nothing bad in aspiring to be sufficent in rice production but should not be at the national risk. No country of the world is absolutely sufficent and totally independent of other nations but the rational ones bulit on the areas of their relative strenghts which put them in advantage over other states.

A Parent may actually want his or her child to study and practice certain profession but the usual counselling is that the child should be allow and ecounrage in the areas of his ralative strenghts base on his/her performance in certain subjects passed.

The Nigerian farmers and the country have in the pass excel and sufficent in Beans, Melon, Groundnut, Yam, cassava and maize, Cocoa and Palm as cash crops. But Buhari and his cronies clossed the boaders against Rice inportations while produce of their eavily investimet on Rice can't sufficently feed two states of the federation.

If such investiment were to be honestly bet on cassava, yam and or maize from the inception of this admnistration the stories may have been different and the govenment may also have no need to be surviving on propaganda. Whenever people talk about hardship, instead of looking deep down into their economic policy or non policy, the usual response was that "no more free money", "courruption is fighting back" as if this administration is more saintly and not as courrupt as the past and previous regims.

On Corruption, reactionary or reactive institutions like EFCC and ICPC can not geniuely fight corruption, only a procative institution can fight and prevent it. 99% of the courruption cases are against the past public officers while the current occupants countinue their crazy and mindless looting. Even EFCC is tired of trying public officers as they are gradualy shifting their fight against the independent corrupt pratices and other related offences like yahoo yahoos and scamers leaving the big yahoo yahoos and real scamers of our colletive destiny as a country.

I am not disappointed at all as things are just unfolding as rightly predicted even before Buhari won the 2015 presidential election. The real task is bringing to an end their age long hostage taken of the Nigerian state by their generation. Their generation ruled with kahkih and killed with guns and countinue in Agbada, killing with bad economic policies that ban importation of rice which honestly they can not sufficently cultivated but keep on importing refined fuel which they willingly refused to refine in Nigeria as they keep on sharing subsidies month by month. Importation of generators countinues while power generation remain redundant. All their electroal promises to the electorates are canclled.

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