Latest from Syria War: Pro-Assad forces shells Al-Rashideen neighborhood west of Aleppo city with elephant rockets

Last 24rs.
Fierce clashes between the pro-Assad forces and Iranian militias on the one hand and the SDF on the other hand on the outskirts of the town of Tabia Jazira east of Deir Ezzor.

Turkish army shelling Qamishli
Intense air strikes and artillery shots were launched against Serikaniye. This new wave of attacks is a sign that the Turkish army and its gangs are heavily hit by the land and a new initiative will begin.

Cahîda Dê[email protected]
#Serekaniye is being attacked/shelled from 3 sides by the Turkish army: • neighbourhood Hawarne in north & district Tal Khalaf in west • Al-Sina area in east • city center (ANHA) #TwitterKurds

Kurdish forces target Turkish army posts and outposts on the second edge of the border adjacent to the city of Derbysiye

Kurdistan @Kurdistan_AR القوات الكوردية تستهدف نقاط ومخافر الجيش التركي على طرف الثاني من الحدود المحاذي لمدينة دربيسيي

Heavy lifter inbound Latakia Air Base, Syria Russian Air Force IL76 RA78847 RFF7011

Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria says Russian military police patrol was targeted with roadside bomb in southern Syria

Turkish army post across border in Kobane on fire. YPG destroyed the base.

Reports of firefights ongoing at Al-Tabiyah between SDF and Iranian-government Axis Forces.

Fierce clashes between the pro-Assad forces and Iranian militias on the one hand and the SDF on the other hand on the outskirts of the town of Tabia Jazira east of Deir Ezzor.

Mortar shelling nu pro-Assad forces targets Hajin town of Deir Ezzor countryside, in conjunction with shelling of the international coalition targeting Iranian militias in Salhia town of Albukamal countryside

Latakia: HTS conducted an infiltration attack against a Syrian army position at the Tal Ziyara front at Jabal Turkman. Several soldiers reportedly killed and wounded

Turksih army heavy shelling on Sermisax village in Girge Lege countryside.

 Shells landed on the Kurdish city of Nusseibin on the Turkish side, killing 8 Kurdish civilians, the Turkish media and their mercenaries fabricated and said that the shells were fired by Kurdish forces from the city of Qamishlo

The Turkish army are shelling Malikiyah city

The people of Kobani start to flee the city as Turkish army intensify the bombardments

Barzan Sadiq✔@BarzanSadiq
There is heavy shelling on #Kobani right now.
The people of #Kobani start to flee the city as #Turkish army intensify the bombardments.

@K24English Radwan Bezar on latest developments in Kobani: "people start to flee to south, Coalition warplanes, Helicopters flying over the city. Intensive shelling by the Turkish army"

Turkish air force targets Mashta al-Nur south of Kobani with several airstrikes. For the first time the Turkish army is shelling the Hill Mishtenur in Kobane where a base of the International coalition is located

FSA backed by Turkish army have controlled Sarikani, NE Syria - SOHR

SDF weapons depot reported captured somewhere on Serêkaniyê front

CNN, quoting US officials: Turkish artillery shelling targets areas near the sites where US soldiers are deployed in northeastern Syria.

SDF gen Mazloum says Turkish strikes targeted empty US bases in the areas the US moved out of in NE Syria

Turkish Ministry of Defense says there were no shots at US observation point

Brett McGurk: Turkish forces have fired on a declared U.S. military outpost in northern Syria. Turkey knows all of our locations down to the precise grid coordinate as confirmed by SECDEF and CJCS only two hours ago. This was not a mistake.

DoD statement on Turkey firing artillery at US troops

In a statement, Turkey's defense ministry says the strike was in response to mortars coming from "militants" operating near the US special forces outpost. Adds Turkey was not targeting the US troops & precautions were taken to prevent damage to the US fortification

Turkish Defense Ministry: Our forces just responded to the sources of mortar fire 1000 meters away from the US base.

Turkish Foreign Ministry on possible sanctions by the US: No one should doubt that we will respond within the framework of full reciprocity

 @SecPompeo :"State Department teams are on the ground working to convince Pres. @Erdogan, Turkey, that the invasion is not appropriate, that, as the President said, it's a bad thing"

Turkey's Erdogan says "We will not stop the military operation against Kurdish militants in northern Syria no matter what anyone says."

 "We are not there to divide Syria, not to disintegrate, we have been there to protect the law of all those who live there.

 "Our anti-terrorism operations in northern Iraq and Syria never target these countries' territorial integrity and sovereignty rights"

SDF positions in northeastern Syria "very weak" against Turkey-backed forces, per SDF Gen. Mazloum Kobani Abdi, speaking thru translator on a teleconference. He describes the situation as "frustrating.We trusted the security mechanism sponsored by the United States"

Syrian Kurds put their lives on the line to defeat ISIS because they trusted America. This president broke that trust. He betrayed our allies and our values, and people will die because of it. The world deserves an American president who can be trusted.

Syrian Observatory says the death toll of the Syrian Democratic Forces due to the Turkish operation is about 100

SDF estimates it is holding 12,500 ISIS fighters in prisons across Syria, 50% in areas being targeted by Turkey. "We don't have the time to be relocating them" per Gen Mazloum Abdi "Protecting the prisons became a secondary issue for us. It is not a priority for us any more"

SDF "very worried" US will withdraw forces from Kobani, following pullback from Rasal Ayn and Tal Abyad in Syria per SDF Gen Abdi.

Since the morning, heavy shelling does not calm the city of Sri Canet

Turkish occupation wants to erase the city because of its failure to storm since the beginning of the military campaign

SDF and YPG fighters are conducting guerrilla warfare to attack the attacking forces.

Jim [email protected]
I joined Nashville’s awesome Kurdish community, the largest in the country, as they spoke out against the withdrawal of U.S. troops from northern Syria. We are already seeing the disastrous effect of the president’s betrayal of our Kurdish allies.

Senator Tom [email protected] : Like so many Americans, I am outraged by the President’s decision to turn his back on our Kurdish allies who have, over the years, fought bravely alongside U.S. troops to help defeat ISIS and stabilize the region. This is beyond bad foreign policy. This is a moral failing.

WATCH@RichardEngel on what it’s like to watch the Kurds under attack: “It’s a stain on American history to have an ally that is then betrayed. But the real frightening part is this could just be the beginning.” #inners

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