First Turkish soldier killed during Syria operation: statement

Turkey Friday reported the first death of one of its soldiers in its operation in northern Syria, during clashes with a Kurdish militia following a day of heavy shelling on both sides.

Three more soldiers were injured in the “operation region,” the defense ministry said in a statement after the clashes on Thursday, without giving further detail.

However, Kurds' Syrian Democratic Force (SDF) has claimed that the Battles in the industrial district of the city of Sri Canet and the fall of a group of mercenaries of the Turkish state in an ambush there into the hands of SDF.

Kurdistan @Kurdistan_AR

معارك في حي الصناعة بمدينة سري كانيه ووقوع مجموعة من مرتزقة الدولة التركية في كمين يوجد قتلى من المرتزقة بيد قوات سوريا الديمقراطية

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