Boris Johnson leaves Buckingham Palace after formally becoming Prime Minister

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson addresses the nation in his first official speech outside his new home, 10 Downing Street, after winning the race to become the leader of the Conservative Party on Tuesday.
Johnson won the contest against Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, gaining 66.4 percent of the vote to 33.6 percent.

Later on Wednesday he will embark on assigning ministerial positions to his cabinet.

Earlier, Johnson travelled to Buckingham Palace where he was invited by the Queen to form a new government after the outgoing PM, Theresa May, formally handed in her resignation to the monarch.

In His first official speech, he says the Queen has invited him to form a government and he has accepted.

"Let's get going now," Johnson says, listing a number of technological accomplishments he wants to achieve.

"And yes, let's start now on those free trade deals," he adds. "All this and more we can do now and only now at this extraordinary moment in our history."

He pays tribute to Theresa May. But despite all her work there are pessimists who think the UK has become a prisoner to the arguments of 2016.

Those critics - “the doubters, the gloomsters” - are wrong.

The people who bet against Britain will lose their shirts, he says.
Speaking, Johnson says we should look at the opportunities.
Let’s get going no on things like free ports, he says.

He call for more UK satellites.

He calls for tax breaks for innovation.

And let’s do something for animal welfare.

The UK should be outward looking, he says.

He says no one has succeeded in betting against Britain.

The work begins now, he says.

And that’s it.

Johnson says no-deal Brexit is a 'remote possibility'

He says his message to the Irish is that he is confident we can get a deal, without the undemocratic backstop.

But he must prepare for the “remote possibility” of there being no deal, he says.

He says, if there is no-deal, the UK will have its £39bn.

Yes, there will be difficulties if there is no-deal, he says.

But his message to business is that it is not the decisions that are causing problems, but the refusal to take decisions.

Johnson says the union flag stands for values, including equality and democracy.

That is why the government will deliver Brexit -people voted for it, and the decision must be respected.

He says he wants a new partnership with the EU.

His first step is to thank the EU nationals working in the UK.

Under his government, they will have the absolute right to remain.

Johnson says he wants to unit the country.

He says he wants to level up.

It is time to unleash the productive power of the whole of the UK - the “awesome foursome” that is the whole of the UK.

The UK is more than the sum of its parts, he says. It is loved through the world.

Johnson says he will take personal responsibility.

Never mind the backstop - the buck stops here.

He says he can announce - that he will fix the crisis in social care.

He says he is confident that we can do this.

We will crack this in 99 days, he says.

But we won’t wait till then.

"In the end, Brexit was a fundamental decision by the British people," Johnson says, adding that the UK will pursue a close partnership with the EU.

He thanks the 3 million EU nationals in the UK, assuring they will have "the absolute certainty of the right to live and remain."

"I am convinced we can do a deal" on Brexit, Johnson says.

"It is of course vital at the same time that we prepare for the remote possibility that Brussels refuses any further to negotiate," he says. "It is only common sense to prepare."

"With high hearts and growing confidence," Britain will prepare for no deal, he says. Using typically Churchillian rhetoric, he says the banks, the farms and the rest of the country "will be ready."

"Yes, there will be difficulties," he admits. But he adds the UK's inability to make a Brexit decision has sapped the confidence of business.

"Do not underestimate our country," he adds.

Source: RT , Guardian /CNN

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