Apple may start producing in Texas, Trump suggests

"When I heard they were going to build in China, I said: When you send your product to the United States, we're going to tariff you," President Donald Trump told reporters referring to Apple Inc. 

Doubling down on his threats that the iPhone maker would be hit with levies just like other producers and after rejecting its application for exemptions from the measures aimed at the most populous nation, he stressed he wants factories in the domestic market.

"We'll work it out. I think they'll announce they'll build a plant in Texas," the US head of state claimed in the latest remarks. He added that if that is accurate, he would start "to get very happy."

The company led by chief executive Tim Cook applied on July 18 to be exempt for components including graphics chips, data cables and structural frames, arguing they can only be supplied from China. Trump said he has "a lot of liking for and respect" for him. Apple is facing 25% tariffs as they were raised in June from 10%.

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