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She was vibrating in my hands, Ajaara’s eye turned white. The black pupil disappeared completely, and her body became like steel. She started bouncing like a tennis ball. Gloria ran away from her in fear. As a growing baby in the Lord, I was mortified, but I tried to use my physical strength to hold her down. She was hitting her body and her head on the wall, like someone or something was trying to find a way out of her. I tried stopping her but her strength was like the strength of Five hefty men put together. She was like a buffalo. At that point I knew she was carrying something on her inside.

“ Get your hands off me” A masculine bass voice said out of Ajaara. Fear gripped my heart. Who was that speaking from within Ajaara? Gloria ran far away from us in fear and tears.

“ Chuks, I said get your hands away from me...” the voice said again and instantly I dropped my hands. How did the demon know my name? Ajaara started running towards the gate and I heard in my spirit
“ DON’T let her go or else they will run her mad or kill her. With the devil, it’s either he oppresses you, or possesses you or finally kills you.” I ran after her and her speed was something else.

Thanks to God for the boys in the environment who were able to stop her and pull her down. By this time, the environment had taken notice of what was happening. Ajaara was brought back to the compound, and Baba Agba had been informed on what was happening.

A sudden revival started, teenagers and youths had flooded the compound. Mothers and fathers had come in. Everyone started praying. Ajaara was manifesting different Spirits, from a snake spirit to different animals. she was dragging her body like a snake on the dirty floor, she would suddenly change her attitude to that of a cat..., later she began to swim like a fish... It was a pathetic sight as I shed tears of how the devil and his agents had turned the body of a 15 year old girl to their estate. No wonder the Bible stated that Jesus sent a legion of demons out of the body of the mad man of Gadara.

“ Demons were really living in some people’s Lives which explains why most people live unbalanced lives” I reasoned silently as Baba Agba was praying for Ajaara...

I bent down in tears and I prayed ...

“ God if truly you have called me to help this teenagers, show yourself” and I started worshipping God... I worshipped in tears, with eyes shut.

“ Deliver our children in Jesus name” I heard passionate parents praying.

I started hearing other wailing voices worshipping like me and all of a sudden the atmosphere caught fire, people started speaking in tongues, evil spirits started screaming out of young boys and girls... The demons were screaming fire and all I kept saying was...

“ I speak with the Authority in the name of Jesus, because all power in heaven and earth has been given to Him, therefore in the name of Jesus, I call upon the Angels of the Living God to arrest all strange powers in this environment..”

The crowd chorused a resounding “Amen”.

“Lord Jesus, begin to sweep out every form of darkness in the lives of everyone here... Fire... HolyGhost Fire... Holy Ghost Fire... Lord Jesus sweep out with the broom of Fire the Spirit of Masturbation... Out by Fire in the Name of Jesus, Host of heaven sweep out by Fire, you Spirit of Sexual immorality, Out of their lives by Fire... Holy Ghost Fire begin to sweep out Spirit of lesbianism and homosexuality..”.

And like a tornado, I felt the unusual presence of God, I felt God coming into our midst, Like a mighty rushing Wind, and yet I heard the small still voice saying to me “Revival”.

I felt Him touching these children.. I heard melodious songs from these teenagers, Gloria started worshipping in tongues as she wept. I saw Ajaara under the influence of the HolyGhost, she was curled up like someone who was tied down. I knew God was working on her... I saw young boys crying and I knew God was touching their hearts.

I was overwhelmed... I was crying at how Merciful God was and He was using Filthy me for His Glory....

Favour came around and all she did was to weep uncontrollably at how God was working wonders.

That day which went into night was a great night. Mothers were sobbing when they heard demons speaking out of their children. Fathers were shocked to hear that their sons at the age of 14 were already visiting brothels to sleep with Prostitutes. A lot of teenagers confessed to Masturbation and promised to desist from it. A pastor’s son even confessed to addiction to pornography. His parents cried before the Lord...They had joined us in a rush when they heard he was confessing to terrible things...

By 1am, the last set of the people left..


Favour sat beside me around 2am, and she asked me a question I had no answer to, because I was still in shock at what God did with an almost destroyed person like me and a What a single prayer point had done in a day. I was wondering what would happen if teenagers had more time in the presence of God...Favour tapped me again and asked me her question....

“ Chuks, So What next?” She asked.....

To be continued in SEASON 3 of TEACHER CHUKS. ( Please read the information below and do not edit out any part please)

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Written by Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

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