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“I am sorry, if that is how you feel, but my intentions are very genuine, one thing you must know is that the Bible clearly states that if it is your eye that will make you fall in to sin, then remove that eye. This is to explain to us that falling into sin Is an option and you are responsible for falling into sin or not. It is about working on yourself. You can’t stop people from walking around naked but you can control your eyes from looking in their direction” Favour said after my blurting out

“ You are absolutely right, my salvation should be guarded by me and not dependent on what others do, I do understand that but while still trying to build my mind up to that level, please help me by being mindful of my weak feet” I said

I smiled a little to lessen the impact of my words, but Favour turned away from me and said...

“ Fine, if you don’t trust yourself to that level, it is your business, I will try my best to help your salvation “ She said with sarcasm in her voice and returned to her room.

Favour helped my salvation but it didn’t last long, for days she tried to be modest in her appearance, while having the personal Bible study with me. I must give it to Favour, She was rooted and grounded in the Word of God. Gradually, with her help my mind was being renewed, I was enjoying the word of God, I was Loving and enjoying God. I was thirsty to know more of Him. I felt like swallowing the Word of God, I started feeling the Presence of God in me, Oh how! I wanted all of God in me. My heart yearned for God, I couldn’t have enough, I just wanted more. Thanks to Favour who made the Journey very easy and enjoyable.


Just like I declined her toothbrush among the toiletries she gave me in my dream, there was a part of her, that I was not willing to manage. Favour went back into wearing her bum shorts and tan tops that revealed too much.

At first, I pretended to look the other way but the dream about Making love with Chinaza resumed after about 2 weeks of me not having such dreams again.

I remembered the day when the dream had stopped initially. Favour had told me I was a new creature in Christ and I needed to make that knowledge deeply rooted in my Spirit Man. I kept reciting the Scriptures she had shared with me, I chewed them over and over again.

“ The Devil comes to you every time wanting to know if you know who you are in Christ, so you need to keep reading the scriptures to know more of who you are in Christ Jesus and the privileges attached to this new life” She had charged me up with these kind of words

“ Privileges?” I asked

“ Yes, Salvation brings Wholeness. Being Born again grants you access to deliverance, healing and lots more, you know being born again is like paying a subscription fee that makes you have access to a lot of channels.” She said with a smile

She had pumped in me a lot of scriptures that when I saw Chinaza in my dream, it was war...

“ Chuks, you are coming with me today..!” Chinaza had said

“ You and I can’t be together anymore, God hates two diverse kinds, God hates living and dead been together, His word in Deuteronomy 22: 9-11, and Lev 19:19 states that God hates mating of different kinds of animal. Same Applies to you and I. You are dead and I am alive. We are of different kinds...Therefore I break the covenant between you and I in Jesus name, You are no longer my wife”...

Chinaza got really angry and turned away from me very angry and said

“ So you think, you are free, I know you will come back to your vomit...” She hissed and walked away...

I woke up very fearful and I felt that strong presence in my room, but I felt victory as well.

Therefore for over two weeks I basked in the euphoria of being free, But suddenly when Favour went back to wearing her bum shorts, the thoughts crept in.

One Saturday night, we had a nice time discussing and we sat outside by her balcony. She had worn one of her bum shorts and tan tops. We discussed about a lot of things and I told her I was hoping to get a job soon. She promised to help submit my C.V to some companies. I was so appreciative and gave her a big hug innocently, but the moment my skin touched her bare skin. I knew I was in trouble, but I maintained my cool. We decided to play a card game, as she sat opposite me, all I stared at was her bare thigh.

Suddenly, Lust took over and I found my hand on her laps. She looked at me and neither of us could say anything...We just stared at each other and there was a strong hold of Lust on me.... I could read Favour’s mind, she wanted this as much as I wanted it too...

To be continued


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