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I did not listen to the still small voice that told me not to follow Favour to her home.

She had stayed with me overnight in the hospital ward sleeping on the vacant bed.

I was discharged the next morning due to my stubbornness to leave the hospital.

We got to Favour’s place and she took me to Mercy’s room. It had beautiful girly wall decorations.
“Just make do with this place temporarily!”

“ Thank you!”

Favour smiled and left the room. I looked around and saw Mercy’s picture. I was so grateful I never had sexual intercourse with Mercy.

“Well! that is because Favour had trained her well morally and spiritually.” I said to myself

“ I hope she helps me too “.. I prayed silently.


“ Chuks, Food is ready!” I heard Favour’s voice waking me up from sleep. I must have slept off while reading one of Mercy’s student Bible.

“ Arrhgg” I grabbed my head as I felt a splitting headache...

“ What is it?” Favour said as she moved closer and placed her hand on my head. By the time her hands were on my head, I had taken a sitting position on the bed, while she was standing. Her legs were in front of my face, and unbelievably she Was wearing a blue jean bum short...

“ Shit!” I cursed as her fresh skin attracted me, I wanted to grab her hips but the respect I had for Favour was too much plus the fact that I was got born again... I jumped away from her like the migraine was too much for me, she moved closer to me and I stepped back again, this time around, I looked down at her exposed thigh and back at her face to try to send her an indirect message...

“ Oh!, you are not comfortable with this, well you will need to, because this is how I dress at home and besides, you will soon step out into the outside world again where you will see more of this on a regular basis. These exposed thighs should not control you, you should be the one to turn your face to the other side...” She said smiling, taking the matter as a trivial one.

With that, she walked out of the room.

“ Was she deliberately seducing me as a way of training me?” I asked myself, really confused at Favour’s attitude.

I followed her at a distance as she ushered me to the dining table. The food was well served and looked good. I sat down and ate the delicious meal, Favour was a good cook.

Her phone rang and she picked up in a hurry...

“ Hello Pastor!, Good Afternoon sir...Yes sir, thank you for yesterday.. Yes sir I am home... No he is with me, ..At all sir, we are both mature people, such a thing can’t happen between us..” She said smiling at me. She spoke about other church matters with her pastor before she hung up.

“ I think you should obey your pastor, I shouldn’t stay here, so I ....” I said

“ So you don’t Rape me?” She asked smiling

“ Naturally I won’t want to do that, but I am afraid the demons in me might push me, I don’t trust myself yet!”

“ You still have demons in you?” Favour asked smiling

“ I know I am now born again, but some of the old feelings seem to be hiding somewhere, do you know how many times I have imagined having sexual immorality with you in just a day, it is crazy, I suggest I go somewhere else”

“ And when you get to that somewhere else and you meet another lady like me who even bares it all to you and is even offering you free sex, what happens?”

I couldn’t answer her, because I got Favour’s point. The fact that a lady seduces you does not mean you must have sexual intercourse with her but....

“ First lesson, Chuks, No one can seduce you to have sex with him or her if you don’t want to, except it is a rape case. You are the determinant of what you choose to do with your life..No matter how naked a lady is, you should run for your life”

She was right about one thing, I felt like running away, because all I could think about was the shape of her breast as she sat in front of me...The old me was trying so hard to raise its ugly head, I kept hearing in my head “Grab her, just once, just once” but I kept saying in my heart

“Chuks you can do it, you can live your life without sexual immorality” but as much as I said it, the more I lost the will to do what was right.

Based on what was going on in my head, I asked myself a question.

“Was what Favour doing logical and safe for the both of us?, Was it possible to stay with a semi nude woman in the same house and not follow my erection...I am so confused!”

To be continued


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