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I felt like I dropped into my body and instantly my eyes opened. I noticed my body was being wheeled by two strange faces, women to be precise. I was as blank as a plain sheet of paper, as I didn’t remember who I was and where I was...but I assumed wherever these women were wheeling me to, was not going to be a good place because of the worrisome look on their faces .The women screamed when I jumped from the stretcher and stood on my feet.

Everyone in the corridor jumped back, as I started walking backwards with the intention of escaping from wherever this was.
A man was approaching me and trying to calm me down...

“ Hey Mister, you are fine, I am Doctor Bruce and you are in a hospital, you passed out and you just woke up... Your friends are right there at the reception... I will get them for you.. So it’s okay, it’s normal to suffer a brief memory loss after passing out. You will be fine” He said with a professional smile

At that same instant , I heard a familiar Voice...

“ Thank you Jesus!, Thank you Lord, Thank you my Father, Thank you Holy Spirit “ the lady knelt on the floor rolling and shouting Halleluya.

I kept looking at her strangely because I didn’t know who she was...

“ Who are you?” I managed to say

“ It’s me Favour!”


“ Yes Favour, Your friend” She said but she noticed I kept looking at her blanking, so she moved closer saying

“We attended the same university, but recently we met when you became my daughter’s teacher and you lost your wife Chinaza, your second wife walked out on you, which led to you almost giving up on your life...We just left your home with the pastor when you passed out ...” She said referring to a man who was standing by her side...

I didn’t know or understand anything she said, but the mention of the name Chinaza struck a cord in my heart. Why? I didn’t know.

The man who said he was a doctor tried to calm Favour down

“ Don’t bombard him with too much information, he will come around, he just needs to have some rest...” He said as he guided me to one of the hospital wards. The moment I stepped in, I had a flash of a warehouse, with private cells and a beautiful lady giving me a note...Tina....

I stepped out of the room immediately..

“ Who is Tina?” I asked looking around

“ Tina?” Favour asked as she didn’t know who that was, but suddenly she remembered

“ Oh!, Tina! I do not know her personally but you told me she was Chinaza’s sister?”

“ Chinaza?” That name again “ Who is Chinaza?”

“ Your late wife who you worked alongside at the Sperm collection Agency”

The doctor looked surprised, as he didn’t understand what the Lady Favour was saying...

“ Sperm Collection Agency?” I asked and instantly it came rushing back at me... The warehouse, Chinaza, the slayers and the drainers, Tina, and the other uniformed inmates, all my escapades and who Favour was.

I walked into the hospital ward to rest my weak body as I began to remember a lot, but I got hooked. I couldn’t remember anything else after passing out till that very point. I didn’t know what happened after passing out but I knew something had happened....

“ So where do I go from here?, Tina will know I am not dead” I said knowing I must have passed out and fell into a coma when she strangled me spiritually. The doctor and nurses left Favour and I.

“ Now, that I am awake, how will I escape her wrath, Favour?” I said in fear

“ You will, the same God who restored you will keep you safe, you just need to surrender to God genuinely..”

“ I remembered I had not completed the prayer of Rededicating my life to God, before I passed out and I remember you telling me God could forgive all my sins, Is that offer still open?” I asked

“ God’s offer is always open”

“ Ok, I am ready to give my life to God fully” I said

“ Then say after me, Heavenly Father, I come before you today, I ask that you forgive me of all my sins, I repent genuinely. I say no to sin and Yes to you forever. I accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and personal Saviour. Thank you Lord, In Jesus Christ Name I pray.”

I repeated after her and immediately I felt peace in my spirit.. I felt I had been loosened from ropes that were binding me...

“ I feel really free and different.. Is this all?” I asked really surprised at the simple prayer and the instant change of atmosphere I felt around me.

“ Yes, that’s all, You just need to grow in your most holy faith, it’s one thing to be born again, but you need to grow in the new birth, that is the most important factor..Growing in faith!”

“ GROW IN YOUR MOST HOLY FAITH”... those lines sounded familiar like someone had said those words to me recently, but I couldn’t remember who it was, I tried racking my brain, but I couldn’t remember...

“ But how do I grow in my most Holy Faith?” I asked really interested in knowing... By this time, one of the nurses joined us in the ward with some injections. She smiled at Favour and spoke to her courteously

“ Ma, I need to inject him, is he your husband or Fiance?”

“ No...” Favour said smiling

“ Well, I am sorry, you will have to give us some minutes alone”

“ Okay, I understand “ Favour said, standing up to leave.

“ Please just wait outside the door, I don’t want Tina killing me” I said

“ Tina can’t come near you anymore, you are operating under a new covenant, you are no more the person Tina knows, you are a new creature, meaning the Chuks Tina knew is dead and if she tries to come near this new Chuks, the heavenly warriors will crush her...” She said smiling

“Heavenly warriors!” That rang another bell in my heart like I recently found out something about Heavenly warriors but I didn’t know what it was.

“ I am not here to harm him, I am just doing my professional job, so can you please step back and let me do my work before I get sacked” The nurse said with irritation to an empty room after Favour had left the room

“Sorry, you said what?” I asked the nurse as I didn’t understand what she was talking about or who she was speaking to.

“I wasn’t talking to you, I am talking to the intruders you have around you” She said insultively and apparently whoever she was talking about who I couldn’t see, must have been angry at her statement because she jumped back in fear...

“ Are you ok?” I asked really concerned at her behavior.

“ Hey Shut up, Don’t think because you now have the protectors around you, you are free...No you are not, we are everywhere, I may not be able to hurt you now, but very soon I know you will go back to your vomit and then your protectors won’t be there to catch you when you fall... A direct message from Tina...” She said, hissed and walked out. On her way out, she discarded the injection she should have given me...

I jumped from the bed and looked around the room and found no protectors she was referring to. Maybe if I had my spiritual googles, I might have been able to see them, but I felt instant disconnection in my heart to that idea. I was now a new creature, I didn’t need satanic spiritual google anymore. Favour stepped in and noticed my pacing around...

“ Take me out of this hospital now, Tina has her agent here, the nurse that just left here was a witch or one of the agents of the SCA (Sperm collection Agency)”

“ What?” Favour asked really confused

By this time the doctor was around with some male nurses, and before I could say anything, they had me strapped to the bed and I heard the doctor saying to Favour

“He didn’t let the nurse give him his...”The doctor was saying, before the nurse cut in by telling a big lie

“ He kept saying something about a Tina sending me to him, he took the injection from my hand and threw it in the trash” She said moving to the trash to bring out what she had earlier discarded.

“ That’s a lie, you told me you were an agent from the SCA and you couldn’t hurt me because of...”

Favour was confused as she didn’t know who to believe, I felt a sharp prick in my bum area, and I automatically knew what had happened. It was so fast, I felt sleepy immediately but I had to still say something

“ Favour it’s a lie, please ask God what the truth is”. At this point I knew I was sailing away but I could hear the echo of the doctor’s voice

“ When he wakes up he will be fine, he is suffering from post coma schizophrenia, which is unusual since he only passed out for few hours, I believe he will be fine when he wakes up, he needs his brain to be relaxed, but I need to ask does he have psychiatric histo....”

That was the last I heard before sleep took me over...

Then I saw him waiting for me at the end of the tunnel...

To be continued


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