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“ Will you marry me and make me the father of your daughter?” He said and I instantly became shocked as I wasn’t sure I heard him correctly...

“I always thought you were a virgin by the way you comported yourself, and that really attracted you to me, so it came as the biggest shock of my life when you told me you had a child. I told myself it was over between us, but your image is all I see in my head, in my dream. It is really hard swallowing this big pill, but I know we all have our pasts. I am sorry for how I acted the other day..., Hello, Favour Are you there?” I heard him saying as I maintained utmost silence.
“ Yes .. I ... am with you” I replied

“ Can we meet today please?” Eugene asked

We met later that day, we met at an exquisite restaurant where he proposed to me a second time. This time around I accepted his proposal. I cried all night thanking God for the second chance he had given me, but with my hands I messed up the chance .

Eugene and I became the inseparable lovebirds and the intimacy could not be controlled by Eugene. He kept begging me to make love to him since he was my fiance and I stupidly agreed. We made love once and it happened again. I got pregnant for Eugene.

Eugene changed towards me almost immediately, he was no longer fascinated by me.

“ How am I so sure I am responsible for the pregnancy?” He asked

“ Eugene!, you are the second man in my life.” I said crying bitterly

“ Well I gave you a test and you failed, I purposely pressurized you to see if you will give in and you gave in cheaply, I wanted to know if I could trust you after marriage and apparently, from what has happened it is obvious you will be a loose wife. My father was the one who asked me to give you the test when he heard you are a single mother, I vouched for you that you were a strong Christian and would never compromise, but unfortunately I was wrong, so I have a feeling the baby in your womb is not mine”

Eugene broke the engagement as he told me that after our sexual intercourse he had lost interest in me. I begged him, bombarded his phone with countless text messages.

My life was looking bleak, “ A second pregnancy as a single lady”. I knew my parents would never forgive me on this. I prayed to God to abort the pregnancy, but the baby kept growing.

In the moment of confusion, I did the unimaginable. I went for an abortion.which resulted in a complication that made the doctor remove my Womb...” Favour said as tears flowed down her face

I stood in shock as I looked at her stomach, so there was no womb in Favour’s stomach. No wonder she was not interested in Marriage. However, The question that was unanswered in my head was “Then why was she seducing me?”. Favour however supplied the answer...

“After the womb removal, I became sold out to God, getting married to Christ and was never expecting marriage, but on seeing you and knowing your story of how you too could not father a child. I felt we were two damaged beings that could find happiness in ourselves while our secrets will be within us...We could adopt a child or children as we desire...That was why I became emotional and seductive , anytime I was around you...I am sorry for my selfishness.”

I was speechless, I didn’t know what to say to Favour. Was it words of comfort, or encouragement or a vow to stay with her? , rather something else came out of my mouth...

“ Yes you are right, we are two damaged beings who God is presently repairing to become his ambassadors to tell other young girls and boys about how damaging Sex before marriage could be and for the damaged ones how one can be repaired...

This was how my journey with Favour started... We met a lot of battered, shattered lives but through our once damaged lives that was under repair we started repairing lives... Our first contact was Gloria, Gloria was a 12 year old Sex addict....

To be continued

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