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“ Constable, What do you mean the man has refused to cooperate?” I Overheard the Angry Voice of the DPO. He was obviously coming towards me in the torture room. I had been left in the torture room without handcuffs anymore.

A mini argument had ensued between the two police officers over releasing me in the night.

The Police Officer who had tortured me had pleaded with the Hausa police officer to release me, but Musa had refused bluntly...

“Adegoke, what do you mean we should release him? What do we tell the DPO,when he arrives?”

“ Musa, but you know He is innocent, I can’t add his blood to the list of all the evil I have been forced to do in this station.”

“ I know He is innocent, so also are my wives and my children. I can not be his replacement when DPO gets here and he doesn’t have anyone to present to the family of the boy. if your life is not important, my own life is...As much as I want to help this man because of his serious devotion to God and because he speaks my language, I can’t help him at the expense of my family.” He said furiously

“He is right, you shouldn’t do anything that will affect your family negatively. I was thinking of you helping me more formally, like writing an anonymous letter to the Inspector of Police or better still, help me go to the vicinity where I was picked last night and ask for Miss Favour Aribisala, tell her the situation of things I am sure, she will find a way of getting me out of here. She will be able to testify that I was in her home till 10 pm last night and I do not know who this dead person is...I believe you can do that for me Officers?”

They both nodded their heads and left me in the torture room...This happened about 2 hours before I heard the voice of the DPO.

My hope was that they would help me Find Favour on their way home, and Favour will get to the Police Station before the DPO arrived but unfortunately the DPO came earlier than they even expected. The moment they heard the sound of his car, the police Officer who tortured me by the name Adegoke rushed to me at the torture room...

“ DPO is unusually early, don’t make mention of our plans to him, else he will have you killed and dumped in one of the canals” he said and jumped out of the torture room.

“Constable, What do you mean the man has refused to cooperate?” I heard the DPO voice furiously ringing loud in the air.

“ Oh Lord save me!” I muttered in fear, but all of a sudden I heard in my spirit


I got it...I wasn’t meant to be in silence. Whenever the enemy puts us in any form of prison unjustly, whether physical or spiritual prison, one needed to sing and pray to get one’s freedom...

“You have done it all for me,
I cannot even tell it all
Glory Glory to my God...🎼🎼🎼

Jehovah is the Mighty Mighty God
No one like unto You
I bow before you...”

This was a never heard before song...It just popped out of my Spirit man. As the DPO stepped into the torture room, I didn’t acknowledge his presence, rather I kept acknowledging the Presence and the supremacy of the most High God.

“ Hey, you... why are you not writing your statement? You want me to kill you? I will kill you and no one will ask me.” He said boasting

“ Oh Lord, My God , when I was younger, My father told me that it is written in your Word that the wicked will be given as a ransom for the righteous, not the righteous as a ransom for the wicked... God I will not die for a criminal, The only righteous person you allowed to be a ransom for the wicked was your son Jesus Christ, and by virtue of me connected to Christ I can never become a ransom for another man’s life.”

“ Shut up...Shut up.” The DPO said and turned to the Hausa Police Officer

“ You brought me a pastor?” He asked

“I didn’t know he was one, it was Baba vigilante that brought him like you know sir. It was later I checked through his nylon that I found a Bible.. Maybe he was going for a vigil!” He said

“ Nonsense...., What kind of bad market is this?” His phone rang

“ Oh oh.. I know that should be the parents of the..., thank God it’s my wife...Hello, Yes Gladys, this is not the right time to call, what is it?” He said stepping out of the room but then his voice tempo changed

“ Fire, how?,how ... Desire is inside the fire? My Creator!” He said and the two officers rushed after him but instead he turned back to me in the torture room...

“ What have you done?, have you called on God to fight me?” He said as I looked at him blankly.

“ How was I, the cause of fire? and who was Desire to him?”

To be continued 

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