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“Please Mr Chuks, just once, just once please... I can’t control myself anymore, I just need to get to the climax, please I feel like I am running mad, and if I don’t get someone to hit me hard right now, I will actually go bunkers” Rejoice said as she held on to my trouser in the bush. She had lured me into the bush telling me there was something private she wanted to discuss with me. I believed her because of the situation of the place we had found ourselves , we were very careful of what we said or did. I needed to shake Rejoice out of whatever she was feeling or else we both would get fried any moment.
“Rejoice stop this, you will get us killed!, You know sex between unmarried people is an abomination in this place. Rejoice, what should be in our hearts and heads is how to get out of this place alive.” I said trying to make her snap out of her desire

“ I actually don’t feel alive, so yes, I don’t mind dying if I am caught satisfying my self.. Mr Chuks, I haven’t had sex in 3 days and you expect me to be sane..” Rejoice said as she was literally shaking

“ Rejoice, listen to me, this thing sex is a thing of the mind, you should be the one to control your mind, not your mind controlling you...Tell your mind or your brain, sex is forbidden and it will send the message to the other parts of your body...”

“ It is not that easy, Mr Chuks, I have been telling myself that for 3 days and unfortunately my brain has refused listening”

“ Well if your brain doesn’t listen, my own brain is listening, Rejoice I won’t let Sex get me killed, I won’t let few minutes of enjoyment make me find myself where I found myself 3 months ago... I am not about to go back to Hell for 3 minutes of pleasure and besides, I owe God and mankind a lot having messed up so much, I need a 100 years to undo all the evil I have done so far, so I am not about to let you take this opportunity from me again.”

“ Whose fault?, Who deflowered me?, Was it not you Mr Chuks? The seed you sowed has bore fruits and you don’t want to eat from it?”

“ I never knew it was a poisonous seed, but now that I know better, I don’t intend eating it”

“ What then happens to me who is carrying the poison?”

“ We will get it out, I promise you!”

“ How?”

“ I don’t know, but SEXRUSH came in through an entrance, there must definitely be an exit. Just cooperate with me...” I said holding her firmly

“ Kill me please....I will rather die than live without happiness. What is the essence of living, when I am not happy?”

“ Why are you not happy?”

“ I am not happy because I am starving, sex is my food, and I haven’t had it in three days...” Rejoice said weeping.

At that point, I felt pained for Rejoice, she was right, sex was food for her, all thanks to me for introducing SEXRUSH into her many years back , although after we seperated she had become worse. Meeting her again was not planned, but I believed was an opportunity to correct my error. Unfortunately, she was not helping matters...

Rejoice was not ready to listen, she grabbed me and was caressing me. My past years flashed through my mind and more importantly my experience after I died was playing clearly in my head. The milestones of life without sex for three months was about to rubbished in 5 minutes.... Never!

As I stood there not wanting to scream and trying my best to calm Rejoice down, in few seconds my mind travelled back to how I had escaped death and how I had met Rejoice again!

********* 3 MONTHS EARLIER

I had breathe my last, after Tina had Strangulated me. I knew my spirit was flying and I had no power to stop it. I could see a red flame afar off, my spirit was flying towards the RED FLAME.

The closer I got, the hotter the heat. I was been ushered by the demons that had come out of my body to the red flame.

Suddenly, I saw a white horse coming towards me in full force and speed, the rider was a heavily built man on white. He was riding towards me in a rush…His muscles were strong…

I saw other white horses with riders on them riding their horses behind the man. The sight was beautiful. The man and the other riders were all looking handsome and beautiful.

There were also female riders on the horses as well. They had the body and faces of humans but had massive wings. I wondered why they weren’t using their wings to fly towards me, and the answer came immediately to my heart. They were coming for war. Those horses were war horses. The horses were massively structured and you could see strength in them.

As they rode towards me in desperation, I saw another set of riders coming from the opposite direction. They were coming out from the red fire place I saw from afar. They had the faces of animals, with wings like that of evil birds with dirty looking claws…

The two sets of riders were riding towards me like they were in a race to be the first to get to me….

The White horses got to me first, and one of the riders, a female figure picked me up and placed me on her horse. Her strength was massive, I felt like a piece of tissue in her strong hands…

By this time, the horses from the red flame had gotten to us, and surprisingly, the leader of the troop was a woman like creature. It had the face of a woman, but the structure and voice of a man.

She reminded me of the cross dressers, and gays on earth. “It was possible this creature was their inspiration,” the thought flashed through my mind. With legs like that of a horse, I saw her catwalking towards us, as it had alighted from its horse.

They faced each other in a battle form

“He is mine, let me have him” the woman like creature said…

“No, he is one of ours who missed his way” the leader of the white horse troop said

“Well, he didn’t find his way back before he died” the woman like creature said

“Father hasn’t declared him dead” the white horse man said

“He is dead and you are just trying to waste my precious time”… the creature said angrily and with this, the creature drew out his sword, which was a sign of battle…

“If this is how you want it” the man on the White horse drew out his sword as well

A fierce battle started…

To be continued…

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Inspired by THE HOLY ONE
Penned Down by Opeyemi Akintunde

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